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We believe that the intelligence to manage your enterprise better lies within. Win within, extend beyond.

Hybrid Intelligence offers intelligent planning, analysis, and analytic solutions specially designed and engineered to create value at CPG companies.


  • Integrated and intelligent planning, analysis, and analytics as one cohesive enterprise even if company systems are mixed, disparate, mature, or even still being developed
  • Analysis in ways that make sense to company strategy and specifics, as well as through benchmarked industry methods
  • Apples-to-apples and big picture comparability of business performance over time from top to bottom
  • Data-bridging across M&A and Divestiture scenarios
  • More business focus on sophisticated planning and analysis of Brands, Customers, and your Company
  • Automation of complex, time-consuming, error-prone analyses
  • Provide ad hoc business answers faster while avoiding data and analysis fire drills
  • Succinctly address surround business system functionality shortcomings or master data gaps in repeatable, auditable, enterprise ways
  • Plan, Budget, Model faster (e.g., See full impacts up and down and across the P&L by reallocating investment among Brands or Customers on-the-fly while complex built-in and customizable CPG business rules execute)
  • Get unmatched exceptional service, support, and answers to questions every step of the way by folks who will go to extraordinary lengths to help enable successful business outcomes

Key Offerings

  • Analytics | Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning for Predictive/Prescriptive Solutions
  • Data Warehouse | Data Integration, Repository, and Management Service
  • Business Intelligence | End-to-End Capabilities
  • FP&A and Sales & Trade Promotion Specializations | Business Process Aligned Multi-Dimensional Analysis Cubes and Other Analytical Capabilities
  • Custom applications that combine Analytical Intelligence with Operational Execution
  • Planning & Analysis | Applications
  • Leveraging state of the art capabilities customized where applicable to maximize value


  • Managed and Outsourced Services
  • Extraordinary zealotry for Customer Support (“Striking right balance of software and service in the proportions needed.”)
  • Hybrid Secure Private Cloud Infrastructure


  • Solutions and services that are positively differentiated and provide superior value to and are significantly unlike engagements with large software or consulting companies
  • Solve difficult problems through applied technology enablement and automation
  • Deliver high quality at a faster pace than traditionally thought possible

Specialized Offerings

  • OEM/white label embedment of Hybrid Intelligence CPG software components into or as part of external applications or services

Hybrid Intelligence possesses significant domain expertise in the myriad challenges integrating solutions into enterprise systems and data ranging from legacy systems to SAP – including surround systems such as Trade Promotion Management, Supply Chain Management, Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, and various financial systems. 

All of the enterprise elements and standards that your company expects and demands will be handled and exceeded upon in all manners at all times.

Enterprise Hosted, Cloud/Hybrid Cloud, Transitional, On-Premise/Managed and Turnkey delivery options provide Hybrid Intelligence's CPG customers unprecedented flexibility to meet immediate, interim and longer term needs. Data security and confidentiality is paramount to our company and is assured through every design, procedural, policy, and physical means possible. Further, we are vertically integrated in every enterprise element to help CPG companies harness their internal data and systems at breakneck speed.

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