We believe there is a better way and go to extraordinary lengths to deliver it.

Hybrid Intelligence is relentlessly driven to create unprecedented value for CPG companies.  We developed every principle and value of the company before a single piece of software code was written or the company ever began operations.  The company was founded by and currently employs only folks who have worked at or with Consumer Goods companies.


  • We believe that the intelligence to manage your business better lies within. Win within to extend your company beyond.
  • We believe that the sophistication and complexity of how CPG goes to market should come already built in to software and solutions.
  • We believe in solving difficult problems quickly and succinctly. We happen to focus on intelligent planning and analysis for Consumer Goods.
  • We believe in enabling successful business outcomes. We happen to do so by harnessing data from within companies.
  • We believe that traditional enterprise software, solutions, and consulting offered to Consumer Goods companies are inadequate in how effectively or efficiently they generate results and benefits. Our mission is to deliver products that are exceptional in their ability to generate results and value creating benefits.

How We Achieve What We Do

  • Employ our founding values in every endeavor inside and out (Trusted Advisor, Getting Things Done, Value Creation, Flexibility, Hybrid Approach, Outside the Box)
  • Ensure that we positively differentiate our planning and analysis solution offerings to be unlike engagements with large software or consulting companies
  • Deliver high quality at a faster pace than traditionally thought possible

What We Do

  • Go to extraordinary lengths to help our customers succeed
  • Provide exceptional service all the time
  • Solve hard problems
  • Create planning and analysis solutions that fuse Consumer Products intellectual capital with fit-for-purpose design simplicity on the outside and all the sophistication and complexity needed on the inside

Hybrid Intelligence represents a purposeful and transparent, modern, concise, elegant, yet understated pursuit of helping Consumer Packaged Goods companies focus on growing revenue, delivering profit, improving results, and winning by optimizing how they use their data.  You will find the principles, values, and brand promise reflected in every element of doing business with our company.

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